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Your team pools its talents to solve a series of puzzles within an hour to complete a mission that really matters. Mission descriptions are further down the page…


Teamwork is essential to successfully completing your mission.

Communicate. Bounce ideas off each other. Use each other’s strengths.


Time is of the essence. 60 minutes – not a minute more – to complete your mission. Maybe your team can set a record time?


Read a few reviews of any live escape room game on Tripadvisor, and you’ll quickly realise that “most fun ever” is a regular reaction to these kinds of experiences.


Our hand-crafted, original puzzles challenge your perception, your ability to think out of the box, and your sharpness of mind.


We push the limits of the escape room genre by introducing live actors into the games. It takes the immersion that one step further…


Our games are fictional, but take place against backdrops of real non-violent history, and we take care to weave elements of history into our games.


Rescue the White Rose

18 February, 1943. Hans and Sophie Scholl, members of the anti-Nazi resistance organisation the White Rose, were arrested a few hours ago. A member of the group who has yet to be arrested asks your team, as clean-skins, to go to their basement to retrieve a full list of White Rose members before the police have a chance to search the basement and find it themselves. The group was careful to put some security in place, so your team will have to find ways around it. The fates of the members of the resistance organisation are at stake.

For 2-7 players.

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February, 1943. One of the White Rose’s leaflets called for Germans to sabotage the doomed war effort so that the war could be brought to a close as soon as possible. Your team has been contacted by a resistance organisation and asked to break into a top-secret army communications centre and sabotage the Enigma key-distribution mechanism. There is only a narrow window of opportunity to do it – one hour – but the mission could change the course of history.

For 2-6 players.

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PRICING: $39.50 per player

Our pricing is straight forward: $39.50 per player. Teams can be as small as two members and as large as seven.


Please go to our booking page to check availability for the live escape games.

Note: Mobile/tablet users will be taken to an external site for bookings

Reviews and Photos

Photos from ‘Rescue the White Rose’

Remington typewriterBriefcase detail

Photos from ‘Sabotage the Enigma’

Map lights detailRadio guard


The White Rose Cafe is a briefing area for players at Second Telling Missions. While we used to serve coffee and cakes, we no longer do so. We do, however, have some cold drinks available.



Who are these escape room things for?

Our live escape room games are good for groups of friends, dates, and corporate team-building events.


Which of your two escape room games should I play? What are the differences?

People who have played both games tend to say Rescue the White Rose is the easier of our two escape room games (though it is not an easy game). It is the more historical of our two escape rooms, and probably better for first-time players.

Sabotage the Enigma features an actor during the whole game, whereas Rescue the White Rose has more limited actor involvement.


What was the White Rose group?

The White Rose group was a German resistance organization opposed to the Nazi regime during the Second World War, publishing leaflets urging Germans to disobedience. You can read about them on Wikipedia or the much more detailed White Rose History site. In 2003, two of its members were voted by Germans as being amongst the greatest Germans of all time. We hope with our games we elicit some interest in their history.

What do the actors do?

The actors help make the games special. They are in character, and help frame the settings of the games, as well as facilitate them, but let your team do the puzzle solving.

Is it scary?

The games have atmosphere, and you will feel like what you do matters, but they aren’t designed to be scary. There’s no blood or gore in the games.

Can I get hints?

If you wish. In general, we’ll wait for you to ask us for a hint, but at times, if we can see you’re really struggling, we may volunteer a hint. You can request before the game to have no hints whatsoever.

Can I bring extra players?

If you’ve booked for less than the maximum number of players (seven for Rescue the White Rose; six for Sabotage the Enigma), you can bring along extra players (up to the maximum) and pay for them upon arrival.

To ensure a great experience for each player, we try to keep our games to the player limit for each game If you are desperate to have more players, get in touch with us.

What’s the age limit?

There is no explicit content to our games, though there are serious historical backgrounds. We have had parents bring their 10-year olds, who have enjoyed playing.

Do you give refunds for cancellations?

We give full refunds for cancellations 48 hours prior to a game, but no refunds closer than that. We appreciate you letting us know if you will not be able to attend your game for whatever reason.



Our live escape room games are located at 397 King St, Newtown, 2042, NSW, Australia. It’s 4 minutes’ walk from Newtown train station, and in easy access of various buses.

There are plenty of restaurants and pubs around for post-game hospitality.