Our long pop-up draws to a close on 3 March, 2019

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September 3, 2018
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When we opened Rescue the White Rose and Sabotage the Enigma in April 2017, we were planning a pop-up lasting a handful of months, testing two ideas – basing an escape room heavily on history, and making a game featuring a human character. On Sunday 3 March of this year, we’ll close both Rescue the White Rose (the more historical game) and Sabotage the Enigma (the more theatrical game), making it a rather long pop-up at about two years’ long.

We’ve enjoyed the time very much, and we’re happy to say both ideas passed the test. It’s been rewarding creatively and a pleasure to welcome groups and deliver a fun and interesting experience. We’ve learnt a lot in running the games and the business behind it.

The simple thing is that we’re a bit worn out. Over the last two years we’ve both been working on our day jobs as well as running Second Telling Missions, and it’s a lot to have been doing.

So what next? The first thing will be to take a break for some months and reacquaint ourselves with having weekends. This will probably mean we’ll spend time refining and trying to choose between the fresh ideas we’ve had over the last eighteen months or so. We already have our favourites; we’d like to experiment again and do something that is a little removed from an escape room. If/when we decide to go ahead with something new, we’ll let you all know.

What will happen to Second Telling Missions? Well, seeing as though we’ve built up a pretty decent profile over the last two years, we’ll see if anyone would like to buy it and turn it into a larger escape room business, or even become partners with us. If not, we’ll hold on to it and use it as the vehicle for whatever new thing we embark on.

Up until Sunday March 3, we’ll be running the games as per normal, so if you’ve played one game and have been meaning to play the other, you have until then to do so! (Our booking page is here.)

We’d like to thank our gamemasters Lakia, Sam, Jon, Jace, Zoe and Jonti for doing a wonderful job, and Lili, Courtney, Ed, Mick and Prue for helping us build the games. Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for supporting us over the last two years.

Patrick and Paulina
Owners – Second Telling Missions