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April 17, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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We’re very happy to announce the opening of our second escape room game, Sabotage the Enigma! It is for 2-6 players, and is a first in Sydney, in that there is actor presence in the game throughout, making for quite a new escape room experience. To book, head over to our bookings page.

The premise of the game is this: you are your team have been asked to pose as technicians and enter a military communications centre to steal a special version of the Enigma machine – the version that generates the settings for all the other copies of the machine, used by the German military for secret communications. Stealing this special version will sabotage the entire system, in line with a call by the White Rose in one of their leaflets for Germans to sabotage the war effort.

This game is more fictional than our other game, Rescue the White Rose, but still has a firm basis in history. The Enigma machines were being used by the Germany military to communicate secretly, and cracking the system was an objective of the allies (if not internal resistance groups). The White Rose did, in their third leaflet, call for sabotage of the war effort:

“And now every convinced opponent of National Socialism must ask himself how he can fight against the present “state” in the most effective way, how he can strike it the most telling blows. Through passive resistance, without a doubt. We cannot provide each man with the blueprint for his acts, we can only suggest them in general terms, and he alone will find the way of achieving this end:

Sabotage in armament plants and war industries, sabotage at all gatherings, rallies, public ceremonies, and organisations of the National Socialist Party. Obstruction of the smooth functioning of the war machine (a machine for war that goes on solely to shore up and perpetuate the National Socialist Party and its dictatorship). Sabotage in all the areas of science and scholarship which further the continuation of the war – whether in universities, technical schools, laboratories, research institutes, or technical bureaus.”

The history of the Enigma machines, and the Allied efforts to crack them, has been the subject of a number of books and films, for instance The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. There’s a good explanation for how the machine worked in this video.

A few photos from the game are shown below.

Radio guard

Detail from dot puzzle

Enigma detail