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Sabotage The Enigma Escape Room Opens!
April 24, 2017
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June 15, 2017
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Back on 14 April, Scott M of the Escape Rooms in Sydney – Review blog, which reviews just about every escape room in Sydney, came to play our two games, Rescue the White Rose and Sabotage the Enigma.

On Monday this week Scott published his two reviews. The Rescue the White Rose review can be read here, and the Sabotage the Enigma review can be read here.

Radio guard

We’re happy to say that both reviews are very positive. Scott and his team liked the variety of puzzles in both games, the set design (the great work of set designer Courtney Covey), that the puzzles were hand-crafted (thanks to Edin Merdjanic and Michael Lavery), and also the feeling of immersion given by the strong stories and theatrical flourishes.

Of the historical side of our games, Scott had this to say:

A really cool aspect of both rooms at Second Telling Missions is that in many ways you are receiving a history lesson while playing – the theming is historically-accurate and really interesting.

He also had this to say about children playing the rooms:

I’m often asked for room recommendations that are family friendly. RTWR is not scary or dark so it would certainly be fine for children. There are even a number of puzzles that younger kids could assist with.

And Scott had this to say about the presence of an actor in Sabotage the Enigma:

The actor plays the role of a security guard at the facility that our team was trying to infiltrate. The level of interaction was unlike anything I have experienced in an escape room before […] suffice it to say that it was one of the most fun (and memorable) escape room experiences I have had.

While both games were praised, Scott’s opinion is that Sabotage the Enigma is bound to become a “must-do” room in Sydney! We’re hoping he’s right, of course…

We’d like to thank Scott and his team for coming to play, and for all the time it takes to write up the reviews, and for the warm words themselves.